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Strings Angels, The well known international group of Female Violinists and Cello Band from Eastern Europe and currently based in New Delhi, that has become one of the most sought after Band in India in the recent years.

They are undoubtedly the most popular International girls band in India and to their credit have more than hundreds of live performances and shows across India as well as abroad.

Our all female band has been part of some of the very well known and biggest events in India like the Lakme Fashion Week, IPL as well as hundreds of high profile Weddings and Corporate Events. The band can play musical instruments like Electric Violins, Electric Cello, Drums as well as Saxophone and Keyboard additionally as an optional choice if needed.

The violin quartet has managed to break patterns in 2000 and become one of the most original bands in the country. Since their arrival in India, all female ensemble performed at music festivals, public concerts, corporate events, VIP anniversaries, weddings, product launch parties, gala dinners and parties.

“Their music is full of energy, their stage appearance and performance are captivating, and their playing is insane!”

These female Musicians are an entertaining, highly skilled and versatile electric string quartet that recharges the music masterpieces from Bach’s or Mozart’s time until today. Vibrant cha-cha rhythms, the energy of rock & roll, modern dance vibes or contemporary hit covers… and most importantly their expertise in electrifying "Bollywood" numbers. An unusual blend that manages to put the music scene in a surprising perspective, all in a unique show, fascinating for the public and exclusive at the same time.

Silver Strings Band in India
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