Electric Strings The International Female Symphony Band

A highly talented & renowned collective of all International Female Musicians based in New Delhi, India.


Consists of Twelve to Twenty female musicians playing Violins, Violas, Cellos, Harp, Keyboard, Saxophone, Accordion, Flute and Drums.

The all female group is assembled with highly professional and versatile musicians from different parts of the world. The ensemble performs a great variety of well known Bollywood Music as well as noted pieces starting from the masterpieces of Mozart, Bach, Vivaldi, Strauss to the latest overture of famous Hollywood theme tunes – James Bond, The Lion King, Pirates of the Caribbean, Sound of Music and also, the evergreen Pops like Abba and Elvis.

This highly talented group of Female Musicians have performed all over India in the past three years at some of the Biggest Events and High Profile Weddings. Their performance is a Number One go to choice for our clientele specially when it comes to arranging a wonderful ambiance Musical Experience for Wedding Receptions in India.

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